Time To Refocus

After such a strong start to my get fitter regime I have to say that the last week has been a bit ‘uphill’!

You would think that attending something so powerful as the Rainbow Trust’s 30th birthday celebration and meeting all of those wonderful people would have focussed the mind, but it would appear not!

Real life has a habit of getting in the way, doesn’t it? It gives no quarter and takes no prisoners, but all at different levels of importance. That was one of the messages that I took away from the Rainbow Trust event, how do those families carry on with the day to day grind when they have to add extraordinary care circumstances into their lives from straight out of left field?

In the past week I have had several supplier meetings plus a son with a bout of croup to deal with so I haven’t been to the gym at all (shocking)! I am promising myself that, from now, I am back on my game and re-focussing my efforts into getting fitter.

Zac seems happier with the situation than I am!

The weather looks good for the weekend, well Sunday at least, so I should be able to get a long bike ride in.


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