Six Months To Go… 

Today marks 6 months till Le Grand Depart, 6 months till Adam and I saddle up and set off for Paris on our great adventure. 

I’ll be honest, I think it’s crept up on us both a little bit. With Christmas and New year in the books its time to really knuckle down, get a bit fitter and get miles into the lazy winter legs. Adam has a new bike, of which I am slightly jealous, and he’s busy reinventing his whole existence by the sounds of it. I, meanwhile, have been keeping my twice weekly gym ritual to get some strength work in but I did get out on my bike for the first time this year last weekend. It was horrible. A combination of freezing winds, residual snow, ice, fallen trees and closed roads turned my journey into a very stop start 14 miles. 

Stopping to take that photo got compacted snow in my cleats, I couldn’t clip back in and I got fed up. Hopefully the weather will be a little bit more favourable this weekend! 

I know six months is a long time but I’ve got a feeling July will be on us before we know it! Onwards and upwards! 


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