It’s The Paris Countdown…

De, de, derrrrr, de…… de, de, de, de, derrrrrr! It’s the Paris Countdown!

With little over three months to go until Adam and I push off for Paris the scale of the journey we are about to undertake is starting to become very real indeed.

Training has become easier thanks to the improved weather we’ve had recently and last week I managed to ride over 50 miles for the first time since I did the London to Brighton bike ride in 2014. I ached a LOT after that, particularly in the knees, but I was glad to have done it. I decided to try and build on that so, yesterday, I got out round the rolling terrain of Kent and put another 60 miles into my legs which was incredibly satisfying as well as tiring. Kent is a wonderful county to cycle round in the springtime, the fields are awash with vibrant colours and the wildlife is just starting to venture forth as winter subsides. There is always the temptation of some amazing pubs to stop at but I pushed on through to get home in good time.

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This week, well Saturday, I am going to have a professional ‘on the bike’ fit at Pearson Cycles to make sure that I am all in the right place on my bike and maximising every single watt that I generate. I love Pearson Cycles, I’ve been going there since I was a boy, so I’m looking forward to it. It is especially important to get this done now as I have a small tour of the New Forest, the Pearson Cycles London to Brighton and the Evans Woking Ride It coming up in the next few weeks.

Obviously there is a massive reason why Adam and I are doing this and our fundraising has been going pretty well, to date we have raised over £3,200 between us but we could still do with more! Please donate if you can by following the Donate link at the top of the page


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