A pause to reflect

We have a little over a week until our trip to Paris starts – and I am looking forward to it. Not least with a little trepidation, there is always more training and preparation that could have been done.

20170601_093949.jpgI know that it will be wretchedly hard work, yet doing so with a dear friend and for a great cause will make it enjoyable.

While I was out for a ride this morning, I reflected on why we are doing it. I think about Iris a lot, everyday in fact. I truly hope that is case for the rest of my life – because while other children grow older, Iris will always be two and half to Kate and I.

Excuse me while I climb inelegantly onto my political high horse. The reason that the Rainbow Trust rely on idiots like Iain and I for fundraising, is that a tiny fraction of their funding comes from government. They provide an essential service at the toughest possible time, and yet there are hundreds of family’s unable to access it due to demand.

Nonsensical austerity, and tory disdain for anyone other than themselves has had proven appalling results – just look at Grenfell Tower recently. That a charity has sprung up to plug the gap of those that need it is telling of the very best of humanity, it is frustrating that government cannot see it.

The most at need in society should be looked after, and not allow to slip between the gaps, and that is what Rainbow do, regardless of class or wealth.

I cannot imagine how hard our lives would have been without Mary – she was a little Lancastrian whirl wind, making sure we got to hospital, knew what was going on, and was a beacon, of energy, humour and compassion.

Long may Rainbow continue.

See you on the road to Paris,

Love and hugs,




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