Day 4 – The Road To Paris

We set off fairly early yesterday morning for the final leg of our mini tour, leaving our hotel in Beauvais at around 7:15am. As soon as we stepped foot out of the door it started to rain so rain coverings were donned and we pushed off for Paris

The light drizzle that was falling as we wound our way back into the French countryside was only a preview of what was to come. The passing drizzle lulled us into stopping to remove the rain coverings but, as we reached the first big climb of the day at 8 miles, the rain returned in torrents. Il pleut….again! It hung around for a few miles, making the roads quite greasy and handling the bike became difficult at times, especially on roundabouts where surface water was laying. As we reached the first water stop the rain had started to subside which was a welcome relief, no more rain rage!

The road to lunch was actually rather lovely, I rode the majority of the way with a couple we had met during the journey, David and Laura. Laura was there as a representative of the Teenage Cancer Trust who had 88 riders taking part and she told me that their wonderful charity would benefit by over £165,000 from this event. An absolutely phenomenal amount. As we hit the suburbs the traffic grew and the pace slowed, we stopped in a park for our lunch stop and the sun came out!

We had a fair bit of time for lunch so it was good to sit down and relax a bit before moving to a holding point in the centre of Paris. From there we put on our victorious blue tshirts and proceeded to the Eiffel Tower in one convoy of over 200 riders.

We’d completed our mission! Job done! Game Over! There was only one obligatory photo left to obtain…..

I’ve loved every minute of this trip, part of me doesn’t want it to end but I can’t wait to get back to see my family. I’m not sure Adam wants to see his bike ever again!

We made some great friends along the way, lovely people doing a phenomenal thing

Thanks to all these legends for being a part of it, Fat Blokes out.


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