We’ll Always Have Paris…..

……but what next for the Fat Blokes On Bikes?

It’s actually quite strange to think that it is already a week since we returned from our big cycling adventure. With time to reflect it has dawned on me what we actually managed to achieve, the distance we travelled on two wheels and the money we raised for the Rainbow Trust and it is truly amazing that we did it. This week has (with the exception of two days at the Oval) been slow and tedious by comparison. It was great to get back and see my family but I’ve felt flat all week, all the training and pedalling is done and that has removed something that I’ve focussed on for near on a year. Adam tells me this is known as post project depression, a recognised effect of the completion of a sizeable task and I can see why. I’ve spent most of the week thinking about what I can do next on a bike, I need something to plan!

In truth I have enough on my plate to keep me occupied in the near future, my wife is due to give birth to our second child at any point so I doubt I’ll get to see my bike anytime soon anyway!

I watched the Surrey Classic Ride London today and that stirred my interest again, I would love to have a crack at that next year so that may be the target although London to Amsterdam also intrigues me as it is further than Paris but flatter!

Adam and I do have one last bike ride to complete this year for the Stroke Association.



The Stroke Association Thames Bridges Bike Ride starts in Chiswick and runs for 55 miles in a loop of London, taking in 18 of the bridges over the Thames and many iconic landmarks on the way. Trafalgar Square, Tower of London and Hampton Court Palace are all on the route as well as cycling over Tower Bridge and London Bridge. Seeing as it is October hopefully the weather will hold up for us and we can finish near Adam’s house for some well earned refreshment


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