Same Bike, A Bit Fatter!

A lot has happened since I last updated this blog of ours. For one, that newborn baby isn’t so ‘newborn’ anymore, he’s four months old (feels like he’s been around for ages!) and sleep patterns are finally getting back to some kind of normality. I tried to go for a bike ride late last year, following one of the most uninterrupted sleeps that we’d had, but I had absolutely nothing in the legs and an overwhelming sense of exhaustion made me turn for home just 8 miles into my ride.

Despite the lack of sleep, Adam and I completed the Thames Bridges Bike Ride organised by the Stroke Association. The start point was close to the cemetery where Iris is buried so we stopped for a moment of silent introspection and it was in that moment that the scale of what we achieved in France really hit me. From the start we criss-crossed London over 18 of the bridges that cross the Thames on the 55 mile route, it was fun and good to get back out together after the Paris run but I think we were both glad when it ended!

Secondly, I met royalty in the form of HRH Prince Charles, Prince of Wales. Pretty impressive, huh? I was invited to a charity gala dinner at Buckingham Palace by a supplier of mine who work closely with the Prince’s charity, In Kind Direct. The charity works with retailers and manufacturers to deliver excess stock or products to places where they are really needed, most recently the people displaced by the havoc wreaked by the hurricanes across the Caribbean. It was a wonderful night and a real privilege to get to see the inner workings of one of the most famous buildings in the world, I even got to meet the man himself!


Adam and I also attended the Rouler Classic, held just off Bloomsbury Square. Dedicated to the Classics there were some fantastic pieces of cycling history on show as well as all of the new tech that is coming for 2018.

Unfortunately Adam had to leave early and missed out on the best bit, I met Fabian Cancellara! What a legend!


So what now for 2018? Well, as per a previous post, my main goal is the Prudential Ride London Surrey Classic at the end of July and that is what I’ll be working towards. I went on my first ride of 2018 this morning and it became clear that I have much to do! I’m on the same bike but a lot heavier than I was so I’ll be working to lose a fair few kilos over the coming weeks. It was only 15 miles but it felt further and the wind was pretty persistent in its annoyance factor so I’m glad to get it under my belt.


I’m sure I’ll fit in a few sportives here and there, I’m already planning to ride the Pearson Cycles Brighton & Back in May which is run for the benefit of the Royal Marsden Hospital. That will give me a good idea of where I am fitness wise with a couple of months to go

Happy New Year and happy trails!


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