Kit Doping 2018

Much is always made of the pro team kits when they are released for the new season. For sure, there are some absolute horrors that keep occurring (AG2R La Mondiale I’m looking at you!) but there are some good ones too (I really like the new EF Education First Drapac and Movistar 2018 kits)

Fortunately (I think), I’m not a pro tour rider so I don’t worry about which horrendous, over sponsored kit I have to wear on a daily basis! The downside is that I don’t have the cash to kit myself out in the frequently overpriced brands like Castelli, Assos and Rapha and anyway most of those aren’t exactly made for someone of my shape! I have, however, found a few brands that deliver on both quality and price and have designs to suit every cyclist from the classic to the extroverted. Here are my favourites:

Fat Lad At The Back –

It’s not just a clever name, they really do produce gear for lads (and lasses) that is more accommodating for people of a slightly larger shape, not the svelte whippets with 0% body fat! Made for people with between a 36″ and 52″ chest, I found them perfect when I took up cycling again as they afforded me the room to move and breathe. There’s some great, fun designs alongside some with more classic stylings

Both Adam and I are massive fans of this British brand and their attitude to getting people of all shapes and sizes back into the enjoyment of riding a bike.

Stolen Goat –

Possibly my favourite cycling kit brand ever. A big statement but they have super cool designs to suit every taste from classic to quirky and they’re at the forefront of kit doping in my book. I started wearing their gear when I’d started losing a few pounds but their Bodyline series is still pretty accommodating.

I love my Stolen Goat Flandrien Fighter jersey, one of several that I own

I received an email for a sneak peak to their Spring/Summer 2018 range this week and it looks as though my bank balance is going to take another hammering! They have some great new products and can kit you out from head to toe at a very reasonable price. You can be sure of quality and comfort from another British brand

A selection of the new Stolen Goat Spring/Summer 2018 jerseys

Chapeau! –

Despite the French name this is another British brand, but it does carry all of the coolness that you would expect of a Gallic brand. Avid cycling fans will know that a shout of “Chapeau!” is an indication of respect for a cyclist’s effort or achievement and the brand use this to create their ranges for ‘The first timers, the cafe riders, club racers and dedicated trainers’. Their style is simple, minimal but ultra cool and effective. My favourite pieces are the club jerseys, of which I own a couple, because they have a great fit and are extremely good summer jerseys but all of their lines carry the same quality led production

Me donning my Chapeau! black club jersey at the Evans Ride It Woking in 2017

So, there you have it. My three favourite cycling kit brands and it feels great to say that all of them are British, showing that cycling and cycling culture is alive and well in the lanes and B roads of GB. If you need new kit check them out, I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed


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