The Countdown Is On!

5 days ago I, randomly, spotted a post from Evans Cycles in my news feed on Facebook, it told me that there were 100 days until the Prudential Ride 100.


The shock of that information led me to sharing it on Instagram. 100 days? That’s not enough surely, I haven’t even finished watching the spring classics yet (which have been excellent and entertaining in equal measure by the way)! I started to panic a little bit, racking my brain to work out what I had actually achieved so far, but then I started to calm down a little bit because I think I’ve done quite a bit.

Tuesday was a big day for me, I went to the gym as usual and plonked myself on the scales. They levelled out at 77.6kg (12st 3lbs) which means that, since the turn of the year, I have lost 8.6kg (1st 4lb) and I was very pleased with that! With that information I have revised my original target to 70.4kg (11st 1lbs), if I get there I will have lost 2 stone 7lbs and be the lightest I’ve been since my teens….just 7.2kg to go!

I have changed my approach to the gym slightly, focussing on more cardio workouts than the weight room. I have surprised myself with improvements in my stamina and ability, the last two Tuesdays (my running days) have seen me complete 10km runs which would have been impossible for me last year. That stamina is noticeable for me in the saddle, if it’s good enough for Valverde it’s good enough for me!

I also have a packed schedule to fit in before the big ride. Tomorrow I head over to Box Hill with some friends from work to really get a sense of where I am fitness wise, I’m hoping to smash my previous best on the Zigzag Road which stands at 9 mins 50 seconds! I then have the Pearson Cycles London To Brighton and Back on the 13th May, 140k including the mighty Ditchling Beacon, before the Wiggle Sussex Gran Fondo at the start of June which is a full 100mile route.

Outside of my own personal cycling goals I’ve also had a bit of a ‘proud dad’ moment as Zac, my eldest, has been learning to ride his bike without stabilisers. I’m gobsmacked at his progress, especially when you consider he is only 4, the below shows his first and second attempts without any assistance at all….


His seems to have a natural balance that will see him beating me round the aerodrome in no time at all and he really enjoys it, he’s loving learning to do ‘what daddy does’. It’s also good for me, now I have my new bike it gives me an excuse to do more research on new bikes, just for Zac not me!

Busy, but exciting times for all!


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