Sunny Sunday Sortie

Well, Sunday was a complete success……almost.


I met up with my pals, Al and Chris, as planned and we headed over to Box Hill. It was a warm day (with a fair breeze) and there were a lot of cyclists out and about, enjoying the good weather. As we hit Box Hill I felt pretty good and climbed it in a PB for me, 9 mins 20 secs, which is not fast by any means but a sign of improvement so I’ll take it! In fact I felt so good I came back down and did it all over again…..

(Yes, you can hear me breathing quite heavily!)

So to the ‘almost’ bit of the day. To get back to my house I have to climb a hill and there are a variety of different options, today I chose the Purley Downs Road which is 1.77k at an average of 5%. It isn’t a horrible road but there is one point where it narrows and kicks upwards to go over a railway bridge, as I approached I got out of the saddle to give myself a bit extra and cramp ripped through both quads. Both legs locked and I have never felt pain like it, I had to stop to let it subside before continuing! Anyway, I made it home and, on the whole, as successful training run


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