Bank Holiday Heatwave

So, in stark contrast to it’s usual performance over Bank Holiday weekends, the weather flicked the V’s to convention and gave us a heatwave with temperatures hitting 28 degrees Celsius on Monday.

Despite knowing this was coming I still headed off to meet a couple of friends from work at Richmond Park to do a few laps of the park. It’s a wonderful place when the weather is good, with the deer roaming freely and loads of cycling enthusiasts getting a few laps of the 10km route in. As you can see from the pictures and video below, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and it was bloody hot! The deer had the right idea, taking shade under the trees watching the mad cyclists go by…

The only downside was the cars. So many cars. The good weather had brought everyone to the park and queues for the car parks resembled the first day of a music festival. It made the roads near the car parks exceedingly busy and a little dangerous, mostly (it has to be said) because of the unwillingness of some cyclists to slow down, unclip or stop.

I managed 90km including a few laps of the park so I was happy with that, plus the hill that delivered me quad shattering cramp two weeks previously was conquered without issue!


I’m loving Veloviewer at the moment, it’s a really good tool for tracking your rides/progress as well as breaking down segments and climbs to understand them even more rather than just an average gradient. I’m a sucker for detail and this feeds my cycle nerd appetite!


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