Countdown Is Progressing….

…’re old if you catch that pop reference.

Today I went to a kids 5th birthday party, the worrying thing for me was that it was my own child’s party. Zac turns 5 tomorrow and I’m not sure how that has happened. To see him grow and develop into a lively and energetic, yet caring and considerate boy fills me with pride but it also reminds me why I rode to Paris and why I’m doing the Ride 100.

When I cross the finish line on The Mall at the end of July, I’m hoping that Adam and I will have raised about £9,000 between us for The Rainbow Trust. That money will go towards helping families make the very best of time that they have with their children, making memories that will last forever. It’s a great motivation to know that every pedal stroke can make a big difference.

For this birthday we’ve bought Zac a new bike since he has learnt to ride without stabilizers. I’m keen for him to embrace the freedom that riding a bike can give and hope he’ll continue to ride through his life, not like his dad who got lazy!

One day I’ll get him up Box Hill but for now I’ll settle for getting his confidence up on a bike and enjoying riding. You never know, maybe one day we’ll do a charity Sportive together.


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