Progress Report – An Update

Yesterday, 19th July 2018, marked one year to the day since Adam and I set off for Paris on what turned out to be an amazing journey for both of us, both physically and mentally. That may sound mightily over the top but I learnt a lot about myself in those 4 days that the previous 40 years on this planet have never taught me. The long miles in the wind and rain taught me a new level of perseverance, the battle with aching limbs gave me a new mental toughness, the selfless people that I met gave me a new determination to be an all round better human being and the sight of the Eiffel Tower after four long days made me fall in love with my bike all over again. I still regard that trip as one of the most pivotal moments in my life, a change in direction and mindset that has (so far) bought a new balance to my life and made me happier as a result. Plus, obviously, we raised a lot of money for The Rainbow Trust!

Fast forward a year and I’m starting to feel the same excitement as I did before we left for Paris. A lot has happened in that year – my son, Xavier, was born in August, I watched a lot of cycling, England gave the country something to feel proud about at the World Cup and I’ve been training to complete the Prudential Ride London 100 mile sportive. Training in the last few weeks has been especially hard due to the hot weather we’ve been having, it’s been oppressive to say the least and makes solo cycling incredibly hard work. Everything has turned brown rather than green, like the whole countryside has turned to straw!

I saw these signs go up on Parliament Street during the week and that reminded me how close I am to taking on the UK’s most iconic sportive


It is probably extremely fitting, a year on, that yesterday was the day that I hit my £1,500 sponsorship target for the Ride London. We are living in difficult, uncertain times at the moment so the fact that so many people were able to sponsor me is amazing and The Rainbow Trust will use that money to do an unbelievable amount of good work.

Lastly, a major thing happened this year. I got a decent sportive photo! I actually looked pretty good in the Wiggle Sussex Gran Fondo, check it out!


Let me tell you I didn’t look that happy towards the end…..


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