One Week To Go….

Yesterday marked one week to go until the Ride London so a pal of mine, Al (who is also taking part in this year’s ride), and I went on a recce of two of the major climbs on the route, Leith Hill and Box Hill. The climbs come at around 55 and 65 miles into the 100 mile ride so a significant amount of energy will have been expended by then. I’ve done Box Hill numerous times so I’m confident in my ability with that one but I’ve only attempted Leith Hill once before and, that time, I inexplicably had to stop for a wee about 3/4 of the way up! I wanted to do Leith Hill in one go before the big day to prevent any kind of mental barrier forming so, despite the heat, we headed on down through some of the leafiest villages that Surrey has to offer and round to the base of Leith Hill.

Strava lists Leith Hill as a climb of 2.03km at an average of 7% but the maximum gradients can hit 14.5% in places



You can see from the Veloviewer segment grab that the hill isn’t really that consistent, the gradients rise and fall a lot on the way to the top, with quite a vicious last kick to conquer. Those of you who use Zwift will know the climb inside out and it is a fair recreation of the hill, halfway up I had a lovely conversation with a couple outside their house as I went past!

Those Who Use Zwift Will Recognise This Instantly!

I managed to finish the whole thing without needing a wee this time! It took me 10 mins 26 seconds but it’s done, complete, so I have no questions going into the ride next week.

The other important thing about the ride yesterday was to practice getting nutrition right and I have a new love to share – Veloforte nutrition bars ( They are superb bars to fit in your pockets, a little expensive but well worth checking out


There are three different bars

  • Classico – Citrus Fruits, Almonds & Honey
  • Di Bosco – Red Berries, Almonds and Pistachios
  • Ciocco – Dates, Almonds & Cocoa

I used the Classico and Di Bosco variants on this ride and they were superb, each 70g bar is packed with 300kcal, 50g of carbs and 5g of protein. I shall certainly be taking these next week!

After all is done I am off on holiday to Spain, planning to trade the road bike for a mountain bike around the hills of Lliber a couple of times!


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