Seeking New Roads…

As the summer threatens to give way to the inevitability of Autumn, then Winter, I start to look towards next year and what ride(s) I can work towards. Though this year is far from over, I always find it is good to get one or two big ‘project’ rides in the diary to keep the motivation high throughout the winter.

I always try to get one last sportive ride in before the winter months and this year is no different. Last year Adam and I did the Stroke Association’s Thames Bridges ride, this year I’ve signed up for the Wiggle Kent Classic in November. They are roads that are going to be very familiar to me, but I’m hoping that I’ll find one or two nuggets that can work their way onto my own personal route rotations.



I’m signed up for the longest ‘Epic’ course which covers 79 miles, plenty should the weather be against us at that time of year. The start and finish at Lingfield Park is nice and close to home and passes through Edenbridge on the way back  where some of my family live so it is a very local route!

Secondly, more excitingly, is a trip that I have booked this week. Myself and two friends (Cam and Ben) are going to visit another friend of ours, Rob, who lives in the suburbs of Stockholm at the end of June. We’re taking our bikes and, over the four days we’re there, we’re planning a couple of lengthy rides to check out some of the stunning scenery that Sweden has to offer. I’m particularly looking forward to cycling round the archipelago, using the free ferries where required, as it looks absolutely stunning. Not too many hills at all, just some good roads.


A return flight, with a bike box each way and one checked bag, is costing us £235 each. Obviously, staying with Rob is minimising our expense while we’re there, I’ve heard Sweden is expensive.

Next week I’m meeting Adam to talk about part 2 of 2019’s potential foreign adventure. This year’s stage 9 of the Tour de France over the cobbles had everything and I was as excited by it as I am every year when Paris Roubaix rolls around. I text Adam to say ‘I have to see this live!’ so that is what we are planning, a trip to see the Hell of the North up close and personal…… possibly coupled with riding the short version of the Paris Roubaix sportive the day before.

That would make for an excellent 2019, cycling wise.


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