A New Nemesis

Those who have read this blog before will have heard me mention the ‘Nasty Little Rise’. It is a Strava segment that I encounter on pretty much every ride from my house if I turn right at the end of my road rather than left. It’s nothing special at all, 0.4 miles long at an average of 4.6%, but hit it when you’re not really fully warmed up and it is a bit of a shock.

nasty little rise

I used this segment to measure my progress seeing as I crossed its evil path so many times, it’s also a great reminder to me of how far I have come since I started cycling. Obviously many things can impact a rider’s ability to keep improving, from adverse conditions to minor injuries or illness, but the overall pattern of improvement is usually fairly clear to see. I first logged this segment on in August 2016 (when I switched to Strava from MapMyRide) and it took me 3 minutes exactly, my PR now (in May this year) was 1:53.

The Improvement Over Time Is Clear To See

To frame this, however, the KOM on this segment is 1:13 and has stood for over a year.

I’ve ridden the Nasty Little Rise 21 times now (since my switch to Strava) so I started to look for something close by that could take over as my benchmark improvement segment. It had to be something longer with the same, or greater, gradient so that I could continue to measure my improvement as a cyclist. I remembered a segment that I’d done over a year ago up Woldingham Hill, it nearly killed me that day, so I decided to go and have a go at it a couple of weeks ago. It is a 0.6 mile climb at an average of 7.2%, with some parts topping out at 11%, so it is certainly more challenging than the previous segment.


The first time I did this my time was 10:37, with a 4:46 moving time as I obviously stopped, out of breath and dying, for 6 minutes! That was 8th April 2017. Fast forward 17 months and I tried it again, 4:54 this time without the lengthy pit stop in the middle. I know I can do it faster than that as I wasn’t 100% well that day so it will become part of my regular rotation to see how much I can improve


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