Sliding Into The Off Season….

My Strava account tells me that I haven’t been on my bike since 10th November, almost a month. That’s pretty embarrassing really considering my commitment to myself that I wouldn’t shy away from the change in the weather and that I would keep myself as fit as possible. In truth external factors have driven that short hiatus; a nasty stomach bug, a trip to see England trounce the Aussies at Twickenham and the works charity ball have all made weekends short on time, energy and motivation.

Before that I’d had a run of bad luck. One trip ended with a double puncture and a fight to stay upright on a fairly steep descent, then a grovelling phonecall to my wife to come and get me (20km from home) as I only had one spare tube with me. Then I took part in the Wiggle Kent Classic where I quickly realised that I was completely out of shape, tired, terribly overdressed for the conditions and felt bloody awful……and I got a puncture about 10km from the end. So all in all, I wasn’t exactly ‘feeling’ the whole bike thing anyway.

I have still been going to the gym so, with the weather looking ok for tomorrow, I should be able to get back out there and get a short ride in to get myself going again.

Back in October I had a new experience, Adam and I went to the Six Day Cycling event at the Lee Valley Velopark in Stratford (the one used in the 2012 London Olympics). It was an amazing experience, track cycling with beer, lots of lights and the constant accompaniment of a DJ in the middle of the track. We got to see quite a few events from Madison to the Keirin and it was brilliant, I really enjoyed both the action and the atmosphere and I will be going back!


Lastly, we’ve taken to supporting Mike Teunissen in the 2019 Cycling Game over on Twitter. The game is simple – become a rider’s number one fan, support them unconditionally, interact with them through Twitter and be the best hype team around. I chose Mike because I think he has a tremendous season coming up and he seems like a genuinely nice bloke. He finished 2nd in the Tour Of Flanders this season but his move to Team Sunweb never really worked out, now he is back with Team Lotto NL Jumbo and raring to go in 2019. He is very capable of making attacks stick and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see him take home the W in one of the big one day races next year. I’m kind of hoping he’ll race Roubaix so that we can go and say hello but I’m guessing Flanders will remain a big target for him. Kom Op Mike!


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