2019 – Year of the Fat Bloke?

It’s that awkward time of the year between Christmas Day and New Year. You know, that time where nobody knows what day it is (aside from those poor few who have to go in to work), BMI is measured in cheese percentage and getting off the sofa results in the landslide of numerous Lindt chocolate wrappers.

…..everyone, that is, apart from cyclists!

I have seen this time of year referred to as ‘the perineum’ of the year but that’s a bit strong and for cyclists it seems to present an uplifting and positive tone. It’s a chance to reflect on the year gone by and to look forward to goals and aspirations for the coming year. Show me one cyclist who makes a rash commitment to a goal while merrily drunk at a New Year’s party. Go on, show me!

For me, after the planned precision of London to Paris in 2017, 2018 was a bit more sedate and a bit more confused. I completed some big rides like the London to Brighton & Back and the Ride 100 but, ultimately, they didn’t live up to expectation and that was a disappointment. On the other hand I cycled with the Alpecin Cycling Team and enjoyed the scenery of the Serra de Bèrnia i Ferrer in Spain whilst on holiday so all was not lost. I would like to do more cycling abroad, it’s a completely different proposition.

In an infographic my year doesn’t look bad at all

Infographic from http://www.veloviewer.com

As I look forward to 2019 my plan is simple, just to keep improving as a cyclist, enjoy it and lose some weight. I currently weigh 81.8kg so I have about 7.4kg to lose before I’m not considered overweight. I going to steer clear of big sportives as I’ve found little enjoyment in them this year, I’m going to ride with friends and get the feeling back. I’m off to Roubaix (to watch) in April with Adam and then I have a trip to Sweden planned for July to cycle round the archipelago that lies to the east of Stockholm.

A stomach bug has kept me off my bike between Christmas Day and now, annoying as I had planned a Boxing Day ride, but I managed a 5k run yesterday and a 30 minute recovery spin on Zwift this morning. The run wasn’t the fastest I’ve ever done but, after the illness, I’ll take it! I was just happy to complete 5k!

Three Times Round The Rec Was A Bonus!

The good thing about being ill was that I didn’t consume anywhere near the amount of festive goodies that I could have done!



2 Comments on “2019 – Year of the Fat Bloke?

  1. I don’t know, my friend… I stepped onto the scale this morning and I’ve got some work to do. Woah! Still, I did start first thing this morning. 😉


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