A Fairly Brisk Start To 2019!

I didn’t want to let much time pass in the New Year before getting out on my bike but, due to family commitments, that first ride had to wait until the 2nd January. I didn’t go far, 30km, but it was enough to get those legs working and to see what kind of shape I was actually in


I didn’t feel too bad but it was clear that there’s a fair bit of work to do to get back to the levels of fitness that I had last year. 30km was enough for that first run, work to do!

Today I went a bit further. My friend Ben text me and we met up at the Lavender Fields near Woodmansterne, it’s a popular route for cyclists as the roads from there form part of the London to Brighton cycle ride. Ben is a seasoned cyclist with Étape du Tours and Mount Teide to his name so he is a handful to keep up with but I did ok! Below is a video of the roads from Markedge Lane to Rocky Lane, a lot more traffic than we’re used to actually but a good run. We turned for home at Nutfield and came back via Farthing Downs.

We managed 50km overall with a fair amount of climbing so I was really happy to get that under my belt. That’s 51 miles in the first week of 2019, only 1,531 more to beat last year’s number!


Roll on next weekend!


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