If You Can’t Beat Them……

I’ve long eschewed the Rapha brand. My reasons for this were very basic; 1) It was too expensive for me 2) Every cyclist that has ever looked down their nose at me has been dressed head to toe in the brand and 3) I once tried one of their jerseys on in the Soho shop and I looked like a bucket of blancmange in a bin bag.


I’d wanted to buy a decent set of bib shorts for some time but I couldn’t bring myself to spend the kind of money on the brands that were suggested in every ‘best bib shorts’ write up. Assos, Le Col, Endura and Castelli all featured as highly as their prices

The difference for Rapha was the introduction of their ‘Core’ range in April. The bibs have reviewed brilliantly since then and, at £85, they were a price that I could stretch to. I have to say that I wasn’t disappointed.

I wore the bibs on our first outing in Stockholm, a very hot 80km ride so not mega long but enough to get a feel for how they were going to perform. I didn’t have any of the irritations of cheaper bibs, I didn’t have to adjust myself as much and I felt extremely comfortable for the whole ride. If you’re looking for a set of bibs that are a bit of an upgrade but won’t break the bank, then the Rapha Core bibs are definitely for you!


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