My Icarus Moment

Those who have read this blog, or who know me well, will know my history with cycling, how I gave up smoking nearly 6 years ago now after 20 years on the fags. It was that event that caused me to find this hobby as a means to get fit and find something to focus on. I never imagined it would lead to what my wife would term an obsession.

As I approached the end of September, which will mark that 6 year anniversary, I started to look back on how far I had progressed. I’ve done some wonderful things that I never would have believed possible; London to Paris, Brighton and back, Ride London x2 were huge achievements for me, but I couldn’t help but feel that I should be better than I am. At the top of Clarks Lane, a couple of weeks back, I slumped on my bars and gasped for some air. I’d ridden this short and gentle climb numerous times, it’s only 1.3km at a 4.1% average gradient, yet it always knocks the stuffing out of me regardless of whether its the first or last climb on my ride

Clarks Lane is far from a beast

I made the decision there and then to go to the doctors to get myself checked out, if I had been 2 years into non-smoking I may well have felt differently but I have trained and worked hard on my cycling over the 6 year period and my gut told me that I wasn’t improving. I fully understand that my smoking could have done irreparable damage to my lungs and breathing but I wanted to get checked out, just to be sure.

This morning I went to the doctor’s surgery and sat down with him to discuss my situation. I think he was quite impressed with the wholesale changes I have made to my lifestyle and he hypothesised that I am possibly suffering from exercise induced asthma. He prescribed me a peak flow meter which takes readings of air flow out of your lungs and I have to do this when I wake up and before I go to bed for two weeks in order to collect data that may help to determine whether I need full preventative asthma medication

A Peak Flow Meter

In addition to this he also prescribed me a Salbutamol inhaler, the substance at the centre of the Chris Froome scandal last year. This is reserved for the days where I do exercise, I’m to take it before I go out cycling and carry it with me in case I feel the need to ‘top up’.

Salbutamol Inhaler

This is my ‘Icarus moment’ (for those who are unaware, Icarus is a Netflix documentary where Bryan Fogel explores doping to win a cycling race), however mine is completely legal! I am at the point where I know my abilities inside out, I really do think I will be able to spot any changes in performance and overall condition from the introduction of this medication. I’m thoroughly therapeutically exempt, I have the signature! Flippancy aside, I am both interested and excited to see what happens and whether my cycling improves as a result. Clarks Lane will be my ‘control’ segment, I know how to ride it and changes will be easy to spot.

Last thing on this, the UK NHS service is a wondrous and amazing thing. Anybody trying to tamper with it or dismantle it should be ashamed.


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