Kick(r) In The Pants

So the weather has been good enough recently for me not to have to retreat to the shed of doom, however this morning delivered a whole lot of mist and a realisation that I’m not so good at remembering to charge my bike lights. Mist where I live can make the roads quite dangerous, especially across the north downs where it hangs low over the open fields. Therefore I went to the shed and decided to give the Alpe du Zwift another go.

Screenshot 2019-11-24 at 09.42.35
The Alpe Was Busy This Morning

I’ve ridden the Alpe before on my old Tacx Flow Smart trainer so I was interested to see what the difference would be with the Kickr. As it turns out, a fair bit!

Screenshot 2019-11-24 at 09.42.11.png

Throughout the climb my average watts seemed to be 10-15 watts lower than previous attempts. Now, that could be a fitness related statistic but I actually think this is more likely down to the fact that the Kickr is a lot more accurate and realistic. The reason I say this is that one of the first things I tried with the Kickr was the SST (Short) workout and I had to quit halfway through. The levels were set at the watts I was quite comfortable with on the Tacx but that 10-15 difference seems to make it too difficult (at the moment). I’m glad I found that out as I was quite worried my fitness had gone backwards quite significantly! Time to start again with Zwift I think!

…….although I did complete the Ride California challenge to get the S-Works Tarmac apparently


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