See You On The Other Side…..

The ever worsening situation surrounding the Covid-19 virus has been the main story for every news broadcast, paper and online media platform. We’ve seen incredibly sad images from around the globe of people losing their lives to this aggressive virus. It came as no real surprise to Adam or myself that the decision was made, 2 days ago, to postpone the Giro d’Italia. Lombardy has been at the heart of the outbreak in Italy and tough measures have been taken to limit the spread of the disease, a multi national bike race just pales into insignificance compared to what the people of that wonderful region have been going through. Neither of us are religious men, but we sincerely hope that the clouds start to lift from the region soon and the people can start to go back to some kind of semblance of normality. We hope to be able to use our flights to visit the region later in the year for Il Lombardia, all things being well.

As different countries impose different measures and sanctions it was inevitable that sporting events would be affected, although rather inexplicably Paris-Nice and the Cheltenham Festival still went ahead! The cycling season is as good as over before it really began as the list of races that are ‘postponed’ racks up. Though postponed is the word used, I cannot fathom how these races would be slotted into an already stacked calendar later in the year. My overriding hope is that this becomes a nice problem to have as things improve and they are able to be run, rather than a footnote to a horrible and destructive illness.

Personally, although it has yet to be 100% confirmed, I am pretty sure that my holiday to Cyprus is cancelled. The bike hire and the climb to Kantara Castle will have to wait for another day. The Etape is further away but my gut tells me that it will not happen this year, the timeline looks too tight to be viable. We wait and we hope, that’s all we can do.

I took the opportunity to go out on my bike this morning, not knowing whether a potential lockdown may make that an impossibility in the coming weeks. I pedalled a familiar route to Box Hill and back, making the most of the lighter mornings and the quieter roads. I could feel the benefit of all the training that I’ve been doing over the past few months as I felt strong, but moreover the situation gave me a feeling that can sometimes get forgotten…….I felt free.

The View From The Box Hill Viewing Point

As my wheels carried my home my mind wandered to those that cannot currently feel those freedoms and those who are more at risk to the effects of Covid-19. Please, try to be better. Please, try to be nicer. Please, try to help people that may be at risk. We are all in the same boat, it would help a lot if we all row in the same direction.


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