A Question Of Sense?

Currently, here in the UK, we are still not under any enforced kind of lockdown. We are able to go outside, exercise and go to the shops as long as we practice the social distancing that has been well documented over the past few weeks, keeping at least 2 metres from other people for both our safety and theirs. What I have seen this past weekend shocked and saddened me, the couldn’t care less approach of some sections of the general public was unbelievable. From the crowds in Richmond Park (cyclists, why go there of all places?!) to walkers climbing Snowdon to the crush for more product at the supermarkets, what part of this do they not understand? The issue was the weather was too good!

We had to brave Tesco last week, there is no other way, so we arrived at 5:45am for opening at 6am just to get the bare essentials and get out. It isn’t something I would prefer to do but it is impossible to get delivery slots that will deliver in sufficient time. We will be making as much use of small, independent businesses as we can.

Where cycling is concerned, I did go out for a ride on Sunday. I stuck to quieter roads, took it easy (no fast descents) and made sure I enjoyed the sun on my face for what could be one of the last times for a while. There are those that will say I am being reckless going out on my bike but I believe I am in less danger than I am usually and, as long as I am taking the correct precautions, there is no sense in stopping riding until I am told to do so. I saw many like minded people when I was out and only one group who received a muttered word as I passed them.

The King Henry VIII Pub At Hever

I will go out again if I can this week, the weather is set to hold fair and I don’t want to be restricted to Zwift if I don’t have to.

The View From The Top Of Ide Hill This Weekend


Follow the rules as they are prescribed, stay healthy, stay active but keep yourself to yourself


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