Strange Days

I’m sitting here looking out of my lounge window. Not that strange in itself but I’m currently sitting at my dining room table, pretending to work from home. While the Covid-19 pandemic was gathering pace around the globe we were right in the middle of a loft conversion and getting a new kitchen, our builders rushing to make sure that the loft room was both usable and safe (if not painted and carpeted) before the inevitable lockdown. What we hadn’t factored in was the storage of our new kitchen, hence the emptying of the dining room and the repositioning of the dining room table! In the time I’ve been looking out of the window I’ve seen quite a few people out jogging or out for a family walk, which made me smile as I recalled a recent tweet by Mark Cavendish


Now I’ve never been one to lecture people on their exercise habits, having only really been serious about my cycling for the past 6 years or so, but it is incredible that the isolation caused by this horrible, deathly virus is making people seek the outdoors and exercise and spending more time with their families than ever before. I myself have spent over a week solely in the company of three people and, while the world is smaller than ever before thanks to technology, it has made me feel closer to my family……..BUT I do, more than ever, understand the need for my bicycle, the freedom it gives me and the effect it has on my overall mental health. If people keep breaking the rules and cycling is banned (as it has been in some European countries) I will be devastated and I can imagine that it will have a detrimental effect on my overall mood.

My CoronaBeard Is Starting To Take Shape

So, while we are allowed, I will make the most of the freedoms that we are afforded in a sensible, safe manner. Safety, is a key word in this situation as we obviously don’t want to be putting any further unnecessary pressures onto our brilliant NHS service so no fast descents and taking great care on suspect road surfaces! In addition to that it is also advisable to pay attention to the weather; yesterday was forecast to be gusty winds (which duly arrived) so I hunkered down in my shed for some indoor training on Zwift. Be sensible, don’t take risks!

The Pain Cave Got An Upgrade With An Old 32″ TV!

As for training, I am fully expecting the Etape to be cancelled/postponed any day now but I am continuing with my training plan. The SST Short training workout is proving to be a real hit for my fitness and it is really noticeable once I get outside on my bike so I have moved to doing this session twice a week. When I started, I used an FTP of 170 to ease myself into the plan but that has steadily increased over the last four months and I’m currently running at 220 watts. I’m going to start to move that on again now to see where I can get to when the lockdown ends.

Take care of yourselves, your quaranteams, your families. Stay positive, stay strong, stay well.


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