Train In Vain

Aside from being one of my favourite tracks by The Clash, the title of this particular post sums up how I’m feeling a little bit. While I am maintaining my training and enjoying it for the most part, the creeping inevitability of the Etape being postponed or cancelled is always in the back of my mind.

While turbo sessions and weekend rides have prevailed under the current partial lockdown, I am noticing a huge change in the amount of movement outside of these efforts. In ‘normal’ times I would easily break 10,000 steps a day but this rarely breaks 4,000 currently and it’s difficult to get two young children to go on a walk that equates to 6,000 steps! Also, through the availability of food and the proximity to a stocked fridge/cupboard, the diet has been tested to the limit.

As Of January I’d Lost 20lbs In 4 Months

Fortunately my willpower has been pretty good and I’ve managed to stay away from temptation on the whole, especially the Easter related products that have started to appear around the house! I’d noticed at the weekend that my face was starting to look slimmer again so I did another comparison….

The Image On The Left Is From Last Summer

My weight had fluctuated around the 73-74kg mark since the middle of February so I was fully prepared for a slight increase on the back of the changes in diet when I stepped on the scales this morning, however I had a nice surprise when the reading came back at 72.1kg (11st 5lb). That’s now a full 13kg (2st) lost so I’m incredibly happy with that and it was the little boost that I needed to keep going. I have 2.1kg (4.6lbs) to go to hit my 70kg target but am now approaching that with a renewed focus. Long rides may not be really possible at the moment so if I can’t build up the endurance I will damn well make sure that the weight part of it is working!

The Latest Weight Readings!

Looks like the good weather is here to stay for a bit so I’m going to make sure I get out tomorrow in case stricter lockdown conditions are implemented over the Easter weekend!


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