Easter Excursions

As parts of Europe begin to emerge slightly from lockdown, here in the UK we are continuing to follow the guidelines put in place by the Government some weeks back. It doesn’t look like that is going to change, for the next few weeks at least, as the country attempts to turn the tide on Covid-19.

The past weekend was Easter, this year though the bookend bank holidays of Good Friday and Easter Monday were a strange occurrence where usually they are anticipated greatly for the two days off work! Everything is currently merging into one like the period between Christmas and New Year. I’d planned two rides, one for Good Friday and one for Easter Sunday and I was particularly interested to see what the Sunday was like out and about as it is normally the quietest day of the whole year. The weather was also forecast to be glorious so, again, I thought I would make best use of the situation in case more stringent measures were introduced because of people disregarding the social distancing guidelines.

Good Friday was lovely. Still arm warmers weather in the early morning but the legs were out for the first time this year and it felt pretty good. Even in the midst of a global crisis the bike, the weather and the calmness of a reduced traffic countryside made me smile.

What didn’t make me smile was an annoying brake rub that started after going over a bump. I thought it may be the new brake pads wearing in and that it would stop but it didn’t, if anything the couple of minor adjustments I made to the calliper made it worse! It wasn’t enough to stop me and make me turn for home, but it was annoying! I rode 50km including TWICE up my now ‘most hated to loved’ Beddlestead Lane so I was pleased with that. I headed home and fixed that pesky brake rub, the wheel was turning so smooth I couldn’t wait to get back out on Sunday.

Easter Sunday was quiet and then some! It’s normally the quietest day of the year anyway because most of the shops are closed and, unlike Christmas Day, people aren’t moving around all over the place to meet friends and family for dinners or celebrations. The past Sunday was the heady mix of birds singing and the whirr of a rather gorgeous Hunt freehub through the lanes.

I’d planned to do a 60km loop including Ide Hill and a couple of new lanes but I was having such a good time that I just kept going, arriving back at my front door some 80km later. It was a lovely morning, it’s going to be hard to accept when traffic levels return to pre Covid-19 levels.

These two rides have given me another thing to obsess over…….data! But that’s a post for another time.


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