What’s In A Name?

What’s in a name? Well, it describes us, gives us identity, brings people together under one banner. In truth, lots of things go into a name as I know well from trying to agree on such things with my wife for our kids! So what happens when that name is no longer fit for purpose, no longer relevant to the subject or the people it represents? The obvious answer is to change the name, but that in itself brings challenges and sometimes a backlash. Remember when Marathon changed to Snickers?!

Over the past few months, as I’ve continued to shed a few pounds, several people have joked with me that I’ll have to change the name of the account soon. They’re right and we agree. The Fat Blokes On Bikes moniker was a name of its time, dreamt up as a call to action to sponsor us and really drive home how hard it was going to be for myself and Adam to pedal to Paris. It did its job and we raised over £7,500 for charity. Since then we’ve continued to share a love of bicycles and everything that goes with them. From pro racing to podcasts to clothing, art and literature we seem to have immersed ourselves in all aspects of cycling, keenly observing everything that is associated with life on two wheels. With that in mind we have decided to change our name to…..

Logo With Text (1)

The official definition of flâneur is as follows

flaneur definition

We feel this is the perfect description of our approach to cycling, observing all that is going on but at a gentle pace and without taking life too seriously! Hope you dig the new name and logo, this will become consistent across the blog, Instagram and Twitter this week


2 Comments on “What’s In A Name?

    • Thanks Dennis, glad you like the new logo. We’ve always been fans of less cluttered logos and design in general so this new one felt completely right and gave us the opportunity to give the nod to cycling with the chainring


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