About Us

The Original Flâneurs are us two, Adam (left) and Iain (right).


This blog started life as Fatblokesonbikes but, due to weight loss, we were forced to change the name by Trading Standards.

We’re two old school friends that share a love of bicycles, pro cycling, cycling culture, cycling apparel and basically everything that the sport encompasses. We partnered under the fat blokes moniker when we rode from London to Paris, raising over £7,000 for the Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity in the process. Since then our rides, our bikes, our knowledge and our love of all things bike have expanded where the waistlines have reduced!


The new flâneur name is a nod to our excellent loafing skills, a love of France and doing bicycle related things…..all at what can be described as a ‘modest’ pace.

This blog is a record of our loafing about, the places we go, the people we meet, the daft ideas Iain comes up with. It may not be the most prolific of blogs but then that wouldn’t be very flâneur like, would it?

Adam & Iain

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