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Power Play

So I think it’s fair to say that 2020 hasn’t exactly gone according to plan, correct? To date this year I’ve had a holiday to Cyprus cancelled, the Giro has been ‘postponed’ as has the Etape du Tour (unlikely they will go ahead this… Continue Reading “Power Play”

Easter Excursions

As parts of Europe begin to emerge slightly from lockdown, here in the UK we are continuing to follow the guidelines put in place by the Government some weeks back. It doesn’t look like that is going to change, for the next few weeks… Continue Reading “Easter Excursions”

Train In Vain

Aside from being one of my favourite tracks by The Clash, the title of this particular post sums up how I’m feeling a little bit. While I am maintaining my training and enjoying it for the most part, the creeping inevitability of the Etape… Continue Reading “Train In Vain”

Solo Rides, Solo Challenges

I have a new outlook on life! The builders have managed to finish the loft and en suite and, although it isn’t painted or carpeted, it’s enough for me to put a table in for a makeshift office! Some brief respite from the noise… Continue Reading “Solo Rides, Solo Challenges”

Strange Days

I’m sitting here looking out of my lounge window. Not that strange in itself but I’m currently sitting at my dining room table, pretending to work from home. While the Covid-19 pandemic was gathering pace around the globe we were right in the middle… Continue Reading “Strange Days”

A Question Of Sense?

Currently, here in the UK, we are still not under any enforced kind of lockdown. We are able to go outside, exercise and go to the shops as long as we practice the social distancing that has been well documented over the past few… Continue Reading “A Question Of Sense?”

See You On The Other Side…..

The ever worsening situation surrounding the Covid-19 virus has been the main story for every news broadcast, paper and online media platform. We’ve seen incredibly sad images from around the globe of people losing their lives to this aggressive virus. It came as no… Continue Reading “See You On The Other Side…..”

Opening (and Closing) Weekend?

It’s been a good month since I’ve posted any updates on this blog, mainly because there hasn’t been a great deal to talk about. Storms and high winds have restricted time spent outside on the bike meaning my Zwift usage has increased dramatically, while… Continue Reading “Opening (and Closing) Weekend?”

What I Know About Cycling…..

The good thing about apps like Strava, MapMyRide etc is that you can look back and see how far you’ve come. It’s not the KOMs/QOMs or the one upmanship of beating your friends (or foes) on certain Strava segments that matters at all, it’s… Continue Reading “What I Know About Cycling…..”

Heroes to the Giro!

2019’s trip to Paris-Roubaix was such a brilliant adventure that we’ve decided to go on the road again in 2020. Stuff Peter Sagan, the King of Limburg is going to ride his first Giro d’Italia in 2020 and we’re going there too! When the… Continue Reading “Heroes to the Giro!”