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Here’s To You 2021

I haven’t written on this blog for a while, in truth there hasn’t been a lot to write. The eat, sleep, work, ride, repeat nature of life during a global pandemic didn’t exactly generate lots of interesting things to write about. Covid put paid… Continue Reading “Here’s To You 2021”

The End Of Days

Ok, so it’s maybe not that bad, but the nights are starting to draw in and it’s dark in the mornings. Autumn is here and soon winter will be upon us, time to dig out the warm stuff! It’s been a couple of months… Continue Reading “The End Of Days”

Ride 100 Photos

Ride London Countdown

Today marks 2 weeks till the Ride London 2019. If I’m honest, I don’t feel as prepared as I did last year but, in truth, I am probably in better shape. A combination of the weather and other ‘real life’ things have meant that… Continue Reading “Ride London Countdown”

If You Can’t Beat Them……

I’ve long eschewed the Rapha brand. My reasons for this were very basic; 1) It was too expensive for me 2) Every cyclist that has ever looked down their nose at me has been dressed head to toe in the brand and 3) I… Continue Reading “If You Can’t Beat Them……”

Bike Shed Essentials

The lead image is my bike shed. There are many like it but this one is mine as the famous movie quote goes. An ever growing obsession with the sport has led to an accumulation of stuff over time from the metal signs on… Continue Reading “Bike Shed Essentials”

Turbo Upgrades

The broken fence panels in my garden have travelled further than I’ve managed on my bike (outdoors) over the last few weeks. The weather has been atrocious, with high winds battering the area I live in. The open nature of the top of the… Continue Reading “Turbo Upgrades”

A New Nemesis

Those who have read this blog before will have heard me mention the ‘Nasty Little Rise’. It is a Strava segment that I encounter on pretty much every ride from my house if I turn right at the end of my road rather than… Continue Reading “A New Nemesis”

These Were Taken A Year Apart….

I think we can safely say that I’ve got a bit fitter, but also a bit older!  

Fat Blokes In The Press

Those lovely people at the Rainbow Trust have been busy on the PR front. Our story appeared in several local papers and their websites over the past few days It’s great to know that what we’ve done can reach beyond the money that we… Continue Reading “Fat Blokes In The Press”