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Day 4 – The Road To Paris

We set off fairly early yesterday morning for the final leg of our mini tour, leaving our hotel in Beauvais at around 7:15am. As soon as we stepped foot out of the door it started to rain so rain coverings were donned and we… Continue Reading “Day 4 – The Road To Paris”

Day 2 And Day 3

I’m writing this from a hotel room in Beauvais at the end of our third day. ‘Where’s day 2?’ I hear you cry. Well, I’ll tell you. Day two was horrific, il pleut…..a lot! I was soaked through at lunchtime and really not loving… Continue Reading “Day 2 And Day 3”

Day 1 In The Books!

So we’re finally in a hotel room somewhere in Calais. After starting out from Crystal Palace at about 7:30am this morning, we wound our way out of London and down through the Kent countryside towards the sea. About 9 hours and 90 miles later,… Continue Reading “Day 1 In The Books!”

P Minus 5

It’s now just 5 days until we leave for Paris and, despite the slight creeping fear and trepidation of what’s in store, I really can’t wait to get going. My packing, on the other hand, does not reflect that eagerness! Watching Le Tour has… Continue Reading “P Minus 5”

A plea for monies

A pause for thought on Walton Bridge this morning!

A pause to reflect

We have a little over a week until our trip to Paris starts – and I am looking forward to it. Not least with a little trepidation, there is always more training and preparation that could have been done. I know that it will… Continue Reading “A pause to reflect”

Bike Beans & Back In The Wind

I’d planned a 40 mile ride today, I thought it would be a nice spring outing! What I got was a breezy, blustery day that made 40 miles feel like 60! It was one of those days where you have to battle into headwinds… Continue Reading “Bike Beans & Back In The Wind”

A Zwift Tour

The weather recently has been pretty horrible and that, coupled with a shortage of time, has meant that not many miles have been covered on my bike. I have a turbo trainer that lives in my shed and have been doing some HIIT workouts… Continue Reading “A Zwift Tour”

Six Months To Go… 

Today marks 6 months till Le Grand Depart, 6 months till Adam and I saddle up and set off for Paris on our great adventure.  I’ll be honest, I think it’s crept up on us both a little bit. With Christmas and New year… Continue Reading “Six Months To Go… “

A Heartbreaking Reminder

Sometimes fate has a nasty habit of giving you a reminder of the fleeting, fragile nature of human life. It cuts straight through the day to day and shocks you to the core.  Some of you may have seen the awful accident involving a… Continue Reading “A Heartbreaking Reminder”